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===My requirements for P2V Windows XP to VirtualBox===
Here are several of my requirements :
~- existing installation of windows XP on /media/system partition (NTFS) which can be seen from MandrivaLinux (installed on the same laptop)
~- I do not want to tamper with existing installation of XP, if not booting it is possible, that would be fine for me (in order to do everything from GNU/Linux)
~- the existing partition for Windows is 49 GB (with only 13 GB used), if the resulting image with VirtualBox is ~14 GB it will be fine (I have not that much disk to dedicate to the operation, though resizing/shrinking the current windows partition is still possible...

%%Sys. de fichiers Taille Uti. Disp. Uti% Monté sur
/dev/sda7 27G 23G 3,0G 89% /
/dev/sda5 32G 5,9G 27G 19% /media/data # data (used both by windows & GNU/Linux)
/dev/sda1 49G 13G 37G 26% /media/system # system (only used by windows)%%

For obvious reasons, I worked on a vmwin.dd version of my windows partition obtained with dd, _and_ on another computer with suficient room : 50 GB partition to store VMs (should not have been connected to Internet, but... well)

===Some documentations=== found [[ among many tutorials]] some questions in my context : how to start from already installed windows to create a vdi, does not seem trivial (not yet tried) o_O using VMware free (as in free beer) tools, why not use ""VirtualBox"" tools ? manage VDIs and import native installations

===Simple version=== that shouldn't work as easily...
%%fdisk -l
dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/data/vm/xp.dd # change /data/vm to the actual directory
VBoxManage convertdd /data/vm/xp.dd /data/vm/xp.vdi%% another method with vmconverter by VMware which should work better

For 16 GB : begin at 22h27 of dd, end at 22h38 (apparently I've got 50 MB I/O throughput which should take me approximately 5 minutes to end up, or rather 10 minutes if I/O include read/writes : 16 GB * 1024 / 50 MB/s / 60 seconds * 2 to get the result in minutes )
ok confirmed :%%[root@localhost vm]# dd if=/dev/sda1 of=vmwin.dd
34587882+0 enregistrements lus
34587882+0 enregistrements écrits
17708995584 octets (18 GB) copiés, 695,955 s, 25,4 MB/s%%

du -k ; du -m ; du -h # shows (kB, MB, GB...)

~- At approximately 70 MB writing on disk, it should end up in 5 min (well, yes it took 5 min :D)
%%VBoxManage convertdd vmwin.dd vmwin.vdi
Converting from raw image file="vmwin.dd" to file="vmwin.vdi"...
Creating dynamic image with size 17708995584 bytes (16889MB)...%%

~- first boot of VM newly created using vmwin.vdi results only in a black screen and 1 CPU running at 100% till stopping the VM :/ some possible reasons :
~~- boot.ini configured with the parameter /burnmemory = 4096, the RAM is reduced to 4 GB (reduces the RAM another 4 GB, which leaves the virtual machine with 0 GB of RAM o_O)

===reasons for black screen of death when migrating windows xp to VirtualBox===
looking for the reason why I've got a black screen, cursor blinking when first booting windows migrated to VirtualBox

apparently not related due to upgrade due to guest additions due to upgrade blue screen when moving VM

[[ intelppm.sys virtualbox]] There are a few Windows device drivers that does not play nice on VirtualBox' hardware. A similar problem may exist with intelppm.sys, which can also cause a hang of the guest OS.

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