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My requirements for P2V Windows XP to VirtualBox

Here are several of my requirements :
Sys. de fichiers    Taille  Uti. Disp. Uti% Monté sur
/dev/sda7              27G   23G  3,0G  89% /
/dev/sda5              32G  5,9G   27G  19% /media/data         # data (used both by windows & GNU/Linux)
/dev/sda1              49G   13G   37G  26% /media/system      # system (only used by windows)

For obvious reasons, I worked on a vmwin.dd version of my windows partition obtained with dd, _and_ on another computer with suficient room : 50 GB partition to store VMs (should not have been connected to Internet, but... well)

Some documentations found among many tutorials some questions in my context : how to start from already installed windows to create a vdi, does not seem trivial (not yet tried) o_O using VMware free (as in free beer) tools, why not use VirtualBox tools ? manage VDIs and import native installations

Simple version that shouldn't work as easily...
fdisk -l 
dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/data/vm/xp.dd # change /data/vm to the actual directory
VBoxManage convertdd /data/vm/xp.dd /data/vm/xp.vdi another method with vmconverter by VMware which should work better

For 16 GB : begin at 22h27 of dd, end at 22h38 (apparently I've got 50 MB I/O throughput which should take me approximately 5 minutes to end up, or rather 10 minutes if I/O include read/writes : 16 GB * 1024 / 50 MB/s / 60 seconds * 2 to get the result in minutes )
ok confirmed :
[root@localhost vm]# dd if=/dev/sda1 of=vmwin.dd
34587882+0 enregistrements lus
34587882+0 enregistrements écrits
17708995584 octets (18 GB) copiés, 695,955 s, 25,4 MB/s

du -k ; du -m ; du -h # shows (kB, MB, GB...)
VBoxManage convertdd vmwin.dd vmwin.vdi
Converting from raw image file="vmwin.dd" to file="vmwin.vdi"...
Creating dynamic image with size 17708995584 bytes (16889MB)...

reasons for black screen of death when migrating windows xp to VirtualBox

looking for the reason why I've got a black screen, cursor blinking when first booting windows migrated to VirtualBox

apparently not related due to upgrade due to guest additions due to upgrade blue screen when moving VM

intelppm.sys virtualbox There are a few Windows device drivers that does not play nice on VirtualBox' hardware. A similar problem may exist with intelppm.sys, which can also cause a hang of the guest OS.

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