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List of games that can be tested

~-refer to [fr] to find libre games (if some are missing that are really libre, well suggest them in their forum )
~-check for games with loki installer (all data may not be free)
~-check for a list of games previously included in knoppix games edition
~- have a look at working games with Mandriva

Remember that only those already packaged and with a libre license will be included. Another detail : the XDG menu is compulsory so be ready to repackage and submit to blino before hoping that it can be included :p

BTW blino's current list is

Feel free to add below those games that you know are packaged, work with 32 bits architecture, have an XDG menu (but do not expect they will be taken into account :p).

===List of Must-have games===
hwdb-clients (that's a kind of game that provides your config at so that you can determine if your hardware worked flawlessly (or not) and hence contribute to recommend the best hardware that simply works with free software)

GamesEnTremulous extra-maps for tremulous

===List of nice-to-have games===
monkey-bubble GNOME clone of the game Bust'a'Move
bobobot Mario-like game
jumpnbump Cute little Bunny Game
pysycache Educational point-and-click software for young children
pingus A free Lemmings clone
torcs torcs-data torcs-data-cars-extra torcs-robots-base torcs-robots-berniw torcs-robots-bt torcs-robots-olethros
glest A free 3d real time strategy game
globulation2 a state of the art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game
gl-117 Action flight simulator

==menu missing==
glchess (requires crafty too)
ltris Nice tetris clone
cxhextris (does not install)
warzone2100 Postnuclear realtime strategy

[[ amphetamine]] Amphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run game [ [[ screenshot]] ]
xsoldier Shooting game on X Window System (no way to get out of the window ?)

===Not sure they are worth including ?===
sauerbrauten new version of cube
solarwolf: 2D frantic arcade game of collecting boxes and dodging bullets
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