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===La vision d'ordinateur n'est pas loin===
~- [fr] autres liens
~- [en] Making 3D Models from Video Clips
~- video editing, architectural / urban modelling, modeling for virtual environments
~- dates back to January 12, 2004 but may contain interesting links / keywords

~- Open Source Computer Vision Library (license BSD)
~~- [fr] scanner 3D + some talk about openCV
~~- [fr] almost not seen news (for lack of details, for sure)
~- [en] computer vision (beaucoup de liens)

~- (LGPL) ""General C++ Library"", with modules for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and much more.
~- (GPL et Intel source license) basé sur OpenCV Main goal is to improve the cognitive vision in artificial intelligence. Camera calibration, object recognition etc. will be implemented and all results can be used by webcams or AIBO robotdog
~- [en] reconnaissance de visage
~- [en] Computer Vision Tech Grabs Humans In Real-Time 3D

~- [en] Real-Time, Detailed Face Tracking On a Nokia N900

===Reconnaissance écriture et caractères voire traitement d'images===
Voir [fr]
Ainsi que ReconnaissanceCaracteres

~- [fr] comparison of images, many links to tools applied to [:totoz], using visual similarities

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