Some links I find from time to time about interesting programs

To be sorted : existing packages are described (I miss the snapshots)
once a program is chosen see CompilePrograms to add compilation / tests / screenshots... see PresentationScientificPackaging to see how to contribute and get numerous other scientific programs included in public distributions.

science-related GNU/Linux distributions [en] many suggestions of programs, being sorted see CAELinuxSuggestions distribution for scientific use, based on RHEL4 not much added :/ (openafs, mp3, ...) at least it permit to have a standard base AIPIX scientific live-DVD (based on Debian) The 7 Most Influential GNU/Linux Distribution Guide

presentation of products - screenshots computer-aided design software focused on architecture SAL (Scientific Applications on Linux) is a collection of information and links to software that will be of interest to scientists and engineers. The broad coverage of Linux applications will also benefit the whole Linux/Unix community. There are currently 2,965 entries in SAL [en] list of Numerical Analysis programs [en] list of chemical/biological software [en] a mirror just in case other sites are down for SAL (GPL) Acquisition et traitement numérique (java) [fr] annuaire logiciels scientifiques (GPL) [ screenshots ] Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave. It is a wrapper that makes all VTK classes accessible from within Octave using the same object-oriented syntax as in C++ or Python. Octaviz also provides high-level functions for 2D and 3D visualization. Using those functions, most common visualization tasks (3D surface plots, contour plots, meshes etc) can be accomplished without any knowledge about VTK. (GPL) free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation software package developed at MIT to model electromagnetic systems, along with our MPB eigenmode package [ screenshots ] PySparse extends the Python interpreter by a set of sparse matrix types holding double precision values. PyFemax is a set of Python modules which allow to compute eigensolutions of the time-harmonic Maxwell equations (GPL) a program to simulate electromagnetic waves propagating through various materials (the author used it mainly for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) applications, but it is not limited to this). Using generalized perfectly matched layers (GPML) as an absorbing boundary condition (GPL) Tessa is a three-dimensional simulation software for optical systems, based on the FDTD method. It is believed to be terribly efficient. Tessa was developed in the LEOM laboratory, École centrale de Lyon: a german forge with scientific software (using grid) to be checked : programs based on gnu scientific library (maybe not all are packaged ?) programs in debian (or not) [fr] list of many programs [fr] [fr] [fr] many programs for science [en] review of astronautics with octave, maxima, flight gear, IT++, ode, openscenegraph [fr] some programs either free or non-free for CAD, import autocad files in blender [en] table identifying CAD software for Linux with license type / source code provided / binary packages Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (to be checked) [fr] [en] lots of sofware, some with a F/OSS license [fr] list of sofware with free license [en] Application software and databases at CSC (check what is free) maxit Program Suite was developed by the PDB (Protein Data Bank) and NDB (Nucleic Acid Database) to assist in the processing and curation of macromolecular structure data [fr] long list of products (either free software or sometimes not) [fr] geographic information systems (postgres with spatial options) Free for non-commercial use graph browser which supports 15 layout algorithms, recursive graph nesting and easy printing scigraphica [en] many programs, some about fractals or open GL... commercial-grade 3D Engine available as Open Source (BSD License). It is used in games, tech demos, research papers, military simulators, and university courses. It can support real-time rendering, off-line rendering, back-end game server management of 3D worlds, and use of graphics hardware for general purpose computing. A molecular modelling package with GUI and 3D-visualization tools. A 3D finite element mesh generator with built-in CAD engine and post-processor. Software for scientific visualization and analysis. [en] many programs, most of them proprietary after a quick glance :-( an open C++ library for constraint programming and constraint solving techniques (requires gaol) C++ library for interval arithmetic (RPMs are available - requires IBM mathlib)

List of existing packages or programs

Those are lists of programs for GNU/Linux, which may be already packaged. ports for FreeBSD rpm packages for biology => verify whether they are in plf or contrib [fr] many programs to verify a repository dedicated to Software for Scientists and Engineers (SUSE_Factory) packaging of astronomical software'astronomie

Programs with packages available

Those programs could be included either in main or in contrib, only need a maintainer and adaptation of spec file (GPL) Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program to download calculix rpm are available
see TestCalculix - [ screenshots ] (GPL) software package for the numerical solution of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation, a popular continuum model for describing electrostatic interactions between molecular solutes over a wide range of length scales
verify if this is obsoleted by what provides apbs... The Finite Element ToolKit (FEtk) is an evolving collection of parallel adaptive multilevel finite element software libraries and tools for solving coupled systems of partial differential equations (PDE) and integral equations (IE) (GPL) MALOC (Minimal Abstraction Layer for Object-oriented C) is a small, portable, abstract C environment library for object-oriented C programming rpm are available hum missing the downloading links :-( (GPL) SG is an unstructured simplex mesh OpenGL display and manipulation tool for use with the finite element research codes MC and PLTMG rpm are available
verify if this is obsoleted by what provides apbs... (GPL) calcul formel, de la géométrie dynamique, du tableur et de la programmation. Xcas est une interface de Giac, une bibliothèque C++ de calcul formel libre (licence GPL). Giac dispose d'un mode de compatibilité avec les logiciels Maple et MuPAD et les calculatrices TI89/TI92/Voyage 200 debian packages available PARI/GP computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory (factorizations, algebraic number theory, elliptic curves...) a graphical interface

Programs not yet packaged

Have a look at those programs, check license and whether packages (deb, rpm, ...) would be available (GPL) [ screenshots ] set of graphing functionality for algebra, pre-calculus, calculus and beyond. (Java) - Flounder is a quick way to visualize regularly spaced 4D data, i.e., a data set that is a function of x, y, z, and time. (public domain) Computations in Commutative Algebra (GPL) GAP is a system for computational discrete algebra, with particular emphasis on Computational Group Theory. (GPL) MicroscopePictureStitching (MiPiSti) arrange charts to one overall picture (GPL) mini3d is a set of basic tools for exporting/importing 3d mesh. This lib provide read/write 3d mesh in 3ds ascii format (.asc) (GPL) This MicroModel library is about modeling low polycount 3d models. A visual mouse driven modeler is featured to help building models. (GPL) Metafract is an all-purpose fractal generator using GTK+2. (GPL) Decade is an acronym for Dynamic Engine for Computer Aided DEsign software. It aims to provide a full dynamic engine for simulating rigid body. Decade can work as a standalone tool, as well as an extension for CATIA V5 and SolidWorks CAD softwares. (GPL) a finite element program (LGPL) GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. There is no practical limit to the precision except the ones implied by the available memory in the machine GMP runs on. GMP has a rich set of functions, and the functions have a regular interface. (GPL) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Open FOAM (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) CFD Toolbox can simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics, electromagnetics and the pricing of financial options - [ screenshots ] (GPL) library for the solution of the partial differential equations describing fluid flow (GPL) GetDP has been initially developed in the field of computational electromagnetics, general finite element solver using mixed elements to discretize de Rham-type complexes in one, two and three dimensions - [ screenshots ] (GPL) Gmsh is a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities - [ screenshots ] (LGPL) Netgen is an automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator (LGPL) NGSolve is a general purpose 3D finite element solver. Version 1.x supports scalar (heat flow), elasticity and magnetic field problems. - [ screenshots ] (LGPL-like) Open CASCADE is a powerful CAD/CAM/CAE kernel and development platform for 3D modeling applications [en] GPL Geometry [en] GPL interactive statistical analysis program [en] GPL comprehensive Social Networks Analysis and Visualisation [en] maybe-GPL [en] GPL loads fractal {Mandelbrot, Julia} sets from file as specified by David Eyerman's Eyefract v0.6.0 and displays them in 3D space with OpenGL/Glut Project Trilinos effort to develop and implement robust parallel algorithms using modern object-oriented software design, while still leveraging the value of established numerical libraries such as PETSc, Aztec, the BLAS and LAPACK. [fr] cartes du ciel (skychart), compiles with lazarus free pascal [en] Wings 3D is a subdivision modeler BSD, developed in erlang :-( - [ screenshots ] (Public Domain) powerful tool that can be used to visualize 3-dimensional data sets (BSD-like) GSAS (General Structure Analysis System) is a comprehensive system for the refinement of structural models to both x-ray and neutron diffraction data. The GSAS package can be used with both single-crystal and powder diffraction data (Rietveld analysis) -- TagScara (LGPL) JSynoptic renders information graphically. It can be used as a simple graph plotter, or as a complex run-time monitoring environment (LGPL) # simple volumes modeler # finite elements mesher # portable on platforms which support Java and Opencascade (no license found) Garfield is a computer program for the detailed simulation of two- and three-dimensional drift chambers.

software that seems not free

to be looked at later... even though they seem open source (OSI) approved. Non-commercial is a severe restriction :-( A Windows finite element solver for 2D and axisymmetric magnetic and electrostatic problems with graphical pre- and post-processors. - QPL licensing The main aim of deal.II is to enable development of modern finite element algorithms, using among other aspects sophisticated error estimators and adaptive meshes. - non-commercial license A C++ Library For Computational Number Theory - license to be found a set of crystallographic programs (FullProf, WinPLOTR, EdPCR, GFourier, etc...) mainly developed for Rietveld analysis (structure profile refinement) of neutron (constant wavelength, time of flight, nuclear and magnetic scattering) or X-ray powder diffraction data collected at constant or variable step in scattering angle 2theta. -- TagScara

Compilations of programs

for programs that have not yet been packaged and that I try to get compiled see CompilePrograms
CompileElmer GPL tool using finite element method for multi-physics problems (compiles with g95 fortran gcc-c++ ...)
TestCalculix GPL tool
TestScilab non-free license (non-commercial) tool for many scientific problems

For Scara

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