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The purpose of this page is to list programs like games or entertainment tools that could be candidate for CompilePrograms

===latest addition of games / entertainment tools===
Latest URL found on the web that are not yet categorized : those which are free software go below and are first candidates to be included in a GNU/Linux distribution.
~- [fr] list of games that can be installed on ubuntu
~-TestGames list of games that can be tested

===libre software===
Libre softwares have a license as identified by [[]]

~- - [[ screenshots]] (GPL) 3D, audio/visual installation. Using a PlayStation-style gamepad, the player(s) of fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments to make improvised music. fijuu is built using the open source rendering engine OGRE and runs on Linux.
~~- download source for 2.0 version
~~- darcs repository

open-source may have source available but not suficiently free to be distributed without difficulties (for example, non-free maps necessary for the game).
~- too often an Ambiguous license (and not so often the source of the game) see

freeware is not even open-source
~- based on quake III (GPL), perhaps data is libre too ?

software would be under this category if they are undistributable due to license flaws or other problems
~- over 1000 pages about Doom (I, II, ...)

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