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To begin with packaging to install the environment and begin with first rpm always check your RPM with rpmlint before submitting it new website for rpmlint developments

Further advices [en] some advices for developers for 2.0.x some examples of compilations maximum rpm book (the reference)

Advanced rpm for Mandriva Mandriva specifics release tags useful for rpmlint errors for example

to upload your RPM in mandriva's tree (contrib)

in short

rpmbuild -ba program.spec # build rpm until no more error
rpmlint # always check what you did
test the program as a user would do, report bugs and provide patches upstream to the original developers

How to become a contributor

Those are links to become a contributor to Mandriva packaging [en] everything about packaging and the build process [en] a didactic presentation of packaging and submitting your packages [en] quick reminder of step to upload a package to the compile farm (aka build system)

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