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Mandriva One is the first complete, free Mandriva Linux system available on a single CD. It can run in live CD mode or be installed to the hard disk, making it simple to try, install and share. This sophisticated new installation system allows you to install the running system with no need to reboot to a dedicated installer, and could be used to install all Mandriva systems in the future. Members of the Mandriva Club have an exclusive special edition of One available with additional commercial software and drivers included.

When you first boot Mandriva One, you will see a booting process familiar to any user of Mandriva Linux 2006. Once the system has loaded, Mandriva One will ask you some simple questions about your preferred language, keyboard layout and timezone, and then you will see the KDE 3.4-based desktop and the Welcome to Mandriva screen. In the system tray you will see the KDE screen resolution switching tool - handy if your monitor supports a higher resolution than Mandriva One uses as its universal, safe default - the Mandriva network monitor and control applet, the KDE alarm applet and Mandriva Online.

In this mode, Mandriva One is a fully functional live CD based on the latest revision of Mandriva Linux 2006 which can be used for all the various purposes for which Linux live CDs are often employed: running your favourite operating system on another computer, repairing a malfunctioning system, testing Mandriva's hardware compatibility with a new system, or showing Mandriva off to a friend who does not yet use it. There is a carefully chosen and streamlined range of software available, including the Firefox web browser, the office suite, Konqueror, the GIMP, Kmail, Kaffeine, AmaroK, kscd, Gnomemeeting, and in the special Mandriva Club edition, RealPlayer and Skype. On the default desktop, though, is an icon that allows you to install Mandriva One to the system's hard disk. Double clicking this icon brings up a simple installation wizard in the running live environment.

Mandriva One (cont.)

First, it will let you choose whether to use existing free space on the hard disk and let Mandriva One automatically choose the partitioning scheme or bring up the partitioning wizard to help you rearrange the disk, free up space and create partitions to install Mandriva One. Once the partitioning is complete, the wizard will copy Mandriva One onto the disk - including any documents you may have created and saved during the time Mandriva One was running as a live CD. Once copying is complete, the wizard will configure the bootloader - for most people, accepting the default options is all that's necessary - and then instruct you to shut down and restart your computer.

When you restart the system, you will once more see the familiar Mandriva bootloader and startup sequence. When startup is complete, a wizard will allow you to configure your networking, set the root (administrator) password, and create some regular users - just like the standard Mandriva installation process. Finally, the Mandriva First Time wizard will run to allow you to enter your Mandriva account information for access to the Online, Club and Expert services. If you have an account with the appropriate access, the wizard will automatically configure and enable Mandriva Online. However, due to a change in the server layout, it will not correctly configure the Club software repositories; you can do this later using the "Mirror finder" tool in the Mandriva Club downloads section, if you are a Club member. Finally, the login screen will display, and you can log in to the system with your newly created user.

Using Mandriva One

Now that Mandriva One is installed, it is just like an installation of Mandriva Linux 2006 with the streamlined package selection unique to Mandriva One. You can use the system just like a regular Mandriva Linux 2006 system, and you can add any software packages and software package repositories that are appropriate to Mandriva Linux 2006. For example, to add the 'main' and 'contrib' Mandriva software repositories which contain all the official Mandriva Linux 2006 software packages, you can use the software installer configuration tool. Simply go to the star menu, then navigate through 'System', 'Configuration', 'Packaging' and click on Software Media Manager. Enter the root password, click "Yes" and the Software Media Manager will open. Here, you can add and remove software repositories which the Mandriva software installation tools will use when looking for additional software to install. You can do this manually, but it can also automatically set up the official Mandriva software repositories. Click the "Add" button and select "Distribution sources". The application will retrieve a list of mirror sites from the Mandriva servers, then give you a choice of mirrors to use. Pick a site close to where you live and click OK: the rest will be done for you, and you will see the "Main" and "Contrib" repositories appear in the list. Now you can exit the application and use the "Install software" application from the same menu to search, browse and install any software package available in the official Mandriva package selection. You can use this application to install any additional software you need that may have been left off Mandriva One for reasons of size.

There's an even simpler way to add and update software in Mandriva One, though - the new Mandriva service we'll be covering in the second part of this article...Mandriva Kiosk.

Mandriva Kiosk is a new service from Mandriva which allows you to install applications (or groups of them) from a web-based catalog with a single click. This is a great boon for inexperienced Mandriva users as well as the expert user in a hurry: it makes browsing and installing major applications much easier than it is with the existing installation tools. The first version of Mandriva Kiosk is known as Mandriva Kiosk Lite, and is available exclusively to Club members (at the Silver level and above). In future, an expanded version of Kiosk will be available to all as a subscription-based service.

Mandriva Kiosk in action

Using Mandriva Kiosk is easy. If you're a Silver or above Club member, you first should make sure you have either Mandriva Linux 2006 or Mandriva One 2006 installed and fully updated. Then you will visit the default Mandriva home page, where Mandriva Kiosk Lite is based: . Both Firefox and Konqueror browsers are supported for the use of Mandriva Kiosk. The future, fully-featured Mandriva Kiosk system will have its own dedicated site. Here you can see the software available. The basic concept of Mandriva Kiosk is the 'bundle'. A bundle is a group of software packages that together make up an application or a coherent group of applications. The bundles available through Mandriva Kiosk Lite are KDE 3.5.2, GNOME 2.12, 2.0.2 and the Mozilla bundle, which includes Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5. The bundle system makes installing large complex package groups like these simple. To install a bundle, you first need to log in to the site with your Mandriva Club email address and password. Once you have done this, each bundle page will feature an Install button after the bundle description. When you click on this button, the bundle will automatically be downloaded and, after you enter the root password, the installation process will begin. The system will download and install each package in the bundle, keeping you informed of progress throughout. When the Installation Complete message appears, that's it: the bundle is installed!

Mandriva Kiosk and Mandriva One

Mandriva Kiosk is the ideal companion to Mandriva One. Mandriva One provides a complete Mandriva distribution on a single CD with a simple and fast installation process, and Mandriva Kiosk is the easiest way to bring it up to date with the latest versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, and KDE, and to expand its package range: the KDE bundle adds extra applications over the streamlined KDE included in Mandriva One, and the GNOME bundle adds a complete GNOME desktop. Also, the first time you install a Mandriva Kiosk bundle, the 'main' and 'contrib' package sources discussed in the first part of this article are automatically configured, so as soon as you install a Kiosk bundle you will find the full range of Mandriva Linux 2006 packages available for installation via the graphical software installation tool, with no further configuration required.

Mandriva Kiosk security

All the bundles provided by Mandriva Kiosk come with full security support. If a security issue affects a Mandriva Kiosk bundle, updated packages will be provided through the official Mandriva Update process (and, of course, through Mandriva Online if you are an Online subscriber).
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