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Some news about Mandriva Linux releases and a small check-list

~- NewsMandriva2008
~- NewsMandriva2008Spring

===check-list Mandriva Linux release===
~- available at (with statistics about number of packages to be updated at release time)
~- published at

==functionalities listing==
~- bug report for each feature
~- selected functionalities

~- bĂȘtas
~- release candidate
~- list of packages

~- given by for RPM

==statistics of download==

packages to change at the last time of a release (preferably in rc1, rc2 to have a chance to forget at least one :D)
~- mandriva-release-common : contains
~~- /usr/share/doc/mandriva-release-common/README.urpmi which indicates the name of the version
~~-/usr/share/doc/mandriva-release-common/distro.txt contains "unofficial" names of the versions
~~- and /usr/share/doc/mandriva-release-common/release-notes.txt should contain a copy of latest release notes on the wiki
~- mandriva-gfxboot-theme change name of distribution for grub ? (how does it display the name of the distro ?)
~- bootsplash-theme
~-mandriva-theme-commons : contains default wallpaper

==web pages to update==

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