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Some information can be retrieved, not much more as AT protocol is a bit limited

===Using wammu===
Connect with the USB cable, wammu seems able to retrieve basic information from the mobile (though I could not get it to synchronize contacts or SMS or calls)
~- In the window on the mobile, I checked PC Suite when connecting the USB, seems that in configuration only Internet & Bluetooth can be configured for sync (to do: precise menu used)
~- I had chosen contacts / agenda for synchronization
Maybe only bluetooth is operationnal ?

Here is part of the configuration that works in wammu with USB cable :
~- peripheral /dev/ttyACM0 connection at115200
~~- in .gammurc I've got automatically
name=Nokia 6210 Navigator
Using command line ##gammu help info## shows the following commands : identify getdisplaystatus monitor [times] getsecuritystatus nokiasecuritycode
gammu identify%%Manufacturer : Nokia
Model : unknown (6210 Navigator)
Firmware : V 08w17.15
IMEI : 3529140236xxxxx
SIM IMSI : 20820xxxxxxxxxx%%
not much more works for the moment, see [[ connecting to phone]] to install gnapplet on mobile phone (hum hum, does not seem supported, maybe not version for S30 3rd edition ?).
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