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Some information can be retrieved, not much more as AT protocol is a bit limited

Using wammu

Connect with the USB cable, wammu seems able to retrieve basic information from the mobile (though I could not get it to synchronize contacts or SMS or calls) Maybe only bluetooth is operationnal ?

Here is part of the configuration that works in wammu with USB cable :
name=Nokia 6210 Navigator

Using command line gammu help info shows the following commands : identify getdisplaystatus monitor [times] getsecuritystatus nokiasecuritycode
gammu identify
Manufacturer         : Nokia
Model                : unknown (6210 Navigator)
Firmware             : V 08w17.15
IMEI                 : 3529140236xxxxx
SIM IMSI             : 20820xxxxxxxxxx

not much more works for the moment, see connecting to phone to install gnapplet on mobile phone (hum hum, does not seem supported, maybe not version for S30 3rd edition ?).
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