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Mandriva Package Sources Explained [fr] [en]

There are several official sources of Mandriva packages - commonly referred to as "urpmi media" - that you might come across. In case you're not sure what they all are, here's an explanation.

"main" is the repository for packages that are officially supported by Mandriva. All the core components of the distribution are in main: the Mandriva tools, the Linux kernel, KDE, GNOME and so forth.

"contrib" contains packages provided by Mandriva, and built on the Mandriva building machine to guarantee that they match the version of Mandriva you are running, but which are not always packaged by Mandriva employees and which are not officially supported by Mandriva. This means that packages in contrib do not get official security updates, even if a vulnerability is discovered in them. This means you should not use contrib packages in security critical situations.

"jpackage" contains open source software which is written in the Java language and requires the non-free Sun Java to run. Jpackage is not actually run by Mandriva, but we mirror the jpackage software on our official mirror sites. A lot of packages which used to be in jpackage have moved into contrib and main recently, since free Java alternatives became more and more capable of running a variety of Java software.

"updates" contains the official updates for the software in main, as provided by the Mandriva security team.

In addition to these media which are on all the public mirrors and available to anyone, there are some media available to Mandriva Club members only.

"Club open source applications" - sometimes referred to as "" - contains updated versions of major open source applications exclusively available to Club members. For instance, for Mandriva Linux 2006, this media currently contains GNOME 2.12, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, and "" 2.0.2.""

"Club proprietary applications" - sometimes referred to as "club.commercial" - contains all the non-free software that we make available to Club members and through the commercial editions of Mandriva.

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