Some useful links about mirrors and medias in general (complete ?) list of existing mirrors for cooker (tentative) explanation of the structure of mirrors (trying) to maintain a list of existing mirrors with a proposal to extend the description of mirrors (XML format) (efficiently) configuring your sources of medias for urpmi, rather than doing it manually (choose one nearest mirror for each source)

See MediaExplanation for content of medias and repository

indicative size of directories for cooker mirror

This was measured 20060808 :
indicative size name of the directory
20G devel/cooker/i586
4,5G devel/cooker/ia64
16G devel/cooker/ppc
8,4G devel/cooker/sparc
4,8G devel/cooker/sparc64
11G devel/cooker/SRPMS
16G devel/cooker/x86_64

For 2008.0 measured on 20071018 :
indicative size name of the directory
12G contrib
6 G main
299M non-free

List of mirrors:

checking mirrors: (long to generate)

Statistics for packages

See for statistics about number of packages (~14000 by 2006-12-03 taking into account main / contrib, ~22000 by 2009-01-30)
The evolution in number of packages can be seen at

compared to other distributions :

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