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Mandriva e-zine (or e-mag) stems from a great idea by a german community website about mandriva :
It came as well from the desire to revive cooker weekly news

German MagDriva is an online-magazine available in pdf format at
MagDriva_1.2005.pdf  	452 KB  	07.06.2005  	00:00:00
MagDriva_2.2005.pdf 	1947 KB 	19.10.2005 	08:19:00
MagDriva_3.2005.pdf 	1333 KB 	22.12.2005 	00:34:00

Draft / collaborative work versions of issues

Naming brainstorming

Mandriva Linux Inside chosen for first edition
Le canard de la banquise (took me twice reading it to avoid thinking of a duck)
Cooker Linux Mag (simple, direct, efficient)
Linux cooking (hum, why not)
Madmag or Minimad (are you sure Mandriva and mad are synonyms ? ;-) )
MdvLnxMag / MLM or MdvLinuxMag (those are WikiNames)
Mdvzine, Mandriva e-zine (like easy...), or DrivaZine, Driva Mag, Cooker Mag eventually. something with "fanzine" (magazine of/for fans)

Other suggestions

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