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Here are some ideas - to be organized - for some requirement with mageia forums.

Synthesis taken from ideas at:
~- by maât
~- & by misc
~- by maât

===Some requirements for Mageia Forums===
~- use a free (as in freedom) forum engine see
~- international forum uses english language
~- official & non-official local forums can be linked from
~- perhaps use openid to permit a single login (SSO) at least among official forums / bugzilla / ideas / wiki
~- official forums may be hosted on mageia's own infrastructure once it's available
~- CSS are welcome to enhance the appearance
~- structure of the forum has yet to be defined (sub-forums, localized forums)
~- moderators team will come in time, just be patient :)

===ideas drafts===
~- Provide unique way to have news about Mageia withouth need of "one again" copy-paste for comm team (social media integration ?, facebook, twitter, diaspora)
~- not "numbers of post" status (usual configurations of forum plateforms by default: please not)
~- no custom signatures, permit only technical references, no externals logos
~- topic notes possibilities, allowing enhancements without moderators intervention than their own notes
~- no externals logos, no hosting images. Strict usages of.
~- Integration of requirement to present strict subject topic according to strict guidelines. Post refused if subject topic does not respect guidelines to ensure clean organization and historical

===Analysis of existing forums===

to be completed:

phpBB - GPL
~- Well know by web team !
~- Many translations
~- Ajax integration
~- No Message Rating

myBB - GPL

FUDforum - GPL - (need many translation, big works but interesting for project too)
~- Need to be translated in many languages : big works but interesting for project too, but big works
~- No social network integration : need to duplicate informations for comm' team :(
~- check extensions available and how well they are maintained
~- No user accounts integration (as openID or ldap)
~- Have Message Rating !!

Citadel - GPL v3 - Not really a forum (Old BBS style by defaults, provide forums, chats, rooms and mails solution) Not really forum but certainly deserves to be evaluate too.
~- Forums
~- Ajax wui
~- Jabber XMPP integration
~- Perl modules possibilities :)
~- Chats rooms, worksgroups rooms, ...
~- BBS old school
~- (08-2010)
~- (or easy-intall)

==Mods PHPbb==
~- SEO (?)
~- auto-archiving
~- "Solved" Button

===Analysis of several wiki=== missing PostgreSQL support :/ lack of interface translation (english by default, that will do...)

=== Structure ===
Identify current structure needed, keeping in mind a global structure (sub-forums can be opened when needed).
~- Support
~~- Get and install Mageia
~~- Hardware
~~- Software

~- International community support :
problem of SSO authentication for external forums, will be not trivial
~~- German:
~~- English: on the site ?, if they have a new name ?
~~- Espanol: ? (problem of the name?)
~~- French: MLO ? aide aux débutant ?? problem of the name and technical level, not only newbies will use forums. Ash : not problems, as mlo will change name, and also want to evoluate to multiple level support. name would be ;-)

~- Development and contribution
~~- Packaging
~~- Cauldron, the next version of Mageia
~~- Spreading Mageia, Communication and website
~~- Collaboration with other distro
~~- Managing communities around Mageia
~~- Mageia art

~- Community and End Users
~~- News and announcements
~~- Free Chat ( a priori moderation, to limit troll) [muny note : please reserve this one for each community forum. Not freechat on this one] ash : I think has the best way of seeing fre chat just tell this forum can have trolls or useless topic. if you don't like it, don't go.
~~- Suggestions & Feedback
~~- Discussions about Mageia

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