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=====Mandriva Linux Inside #2=====

====Layout Drafts====

Current drafts - SLA is Scribus format:

====Article Drafts====

[[CwN20060314 Cooker Weekly News - March]]

====Article Suggestions====

MNF2 vs. Astaro, Sonicwall & Netscreen - A. Open VPN vs. Proprietary VPN; B. One Price - Unlimited Users; C. Traffic Shaping; and D. Channel Bonding (from Walt Pennington)

Oracle Announces 10g Express Edition for Mandriva (from Walt Pennington) - editor's note - already mentioned in Community Newsletter - unless someone wants to turn this into a more in-depth article suitable for a magazine, I'll skip it

Launching of, Brazilian MDV community website - possibly an interview with one / some of the founders (from Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin). update 23 march: both founders have agreed to do an interview, it's in progress now.

Launching of kernel-discuss mailing list - what it's for, how to subscribe, maybe a who's who of the kernel team (from Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin)

Article on modular and Xgl / aiglx / Xegl stuff (from Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin) - ed. note, would need someone technically up on this stuff to write an article draft, preferably Boiko. may also be more appropriate for CWN than the main part of Inside.


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Editor - Adam Williamson
Contributors - Eric 'esfa' Augé, Walt Pennington, Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin

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