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Mandriva Linux Inside #3

Work has begun in French at MandrivaMagFr with proposal of several generic articles that can be translated to English

Layout Drafts

Article Drafts

ArticlesfrEntrevue1 [fr+en] Mandvd software author interview
ArticlesEnEntrevue2 [en] imr, administrator of french Mandriva forums
ArticlesEnNouveautesdans2007 [en] - [ fr ] Overview of 2007.0 [to be translated][done]
ArticlesEnAstuces [en] - [ fr ] Tips and tricks + "windows users, did you know?" [to be translated][done][to be updated]
ArticlesEnSsh |en] - [ fr ] Open-ssh for beginners [to be translated][done]
ArticlesfrDebutants [fr] Tips for beginners [to be translated][done]
ArticlesfrGlossaire [fr+en] glossary french / english for usual words
ArticlesEnCWN200609 [fr] cooker weekly news

Article Suggestions


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