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Some ideas of tutorials or presentation of [[ PLF]] (Penguin Liberation Front)

From compare :
~- list of filetypes that linspire can read / write => overlooks the problem of closed / patented / proprietary file formats
~- the reasons why they are not free => too cryptic, from the end-user point of view : "and ? does it work ?"
the idea would be thesis / anti-thesis / synthesis :
~-why you want to read (description / user-requirements)
~-why you cannot read them really well
~-how you can read them : is support complete or not + recommended free tool if it exists (with limitations identified) + non-free tools (with their own limitations) + recommended format

e.g. : Flash animation (add a logo)
~-used in web sites for animations or ads or even small games or streamed-videos - Proprietary format by Macromedia
~-Macromedia's Flash Player is only available for i386 based machines, and Shock Wave is not available at all.
~~-cannot be used natively on ppc / x86_64 architectures (for x86_64 a chrooted environnement would be possible
~~-sound is badly managed - at best - by Macromedia's proprietary Flash Player (can cause amaroK not to play sound anymore as /dev/dsp is in use)
~-use gnash which is GPL : works partially as still being developed in May 2006, sound support poor, stand-alone player ok but firefox' plugin still being developed in April 2006
~~-if you want, you still can install flashplayer (i586)
~~-recommended format : MPEG for videos, SVG+ECMAscript for complex animations (check google earth capabilities ?) or simple animated GIF (soon worldwide patent-free)

===legal issues=== [en] identifies what is redistributable (but not the compatibility with GPL as all cases seem to be aggregation in a distribution) //to check a bit more, in order to identify possible hidden assumptions//

===formal (maintained) process===
this is applicable to club as well :
plf dev => cooker => plf official (with a bugzilla to report bugs)

for example, for Club, club dev => cooker => club official should include the license (and permit to exclude non-free software, eventually keep open-source)

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