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FUD is Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and only deserves to be discredited

~- This topic could be named Get The Facts as it is a list of links

===Counter-arguments provided against FUD===

~- [en] cf. article A think tank's view of free software
~~- more particularly [en] great examples of subjects addressed by FUDders about Free Software
~- [fr]
~~- [en] Economic and Game Theory, Against Intellectual Monopoly
~- CLA defective by design, prevents long-tail and occasional participation

==(illegal in Europe) software patents==
~- [en] simple, frank, Linus against MS software patents allegations
~- [en] guitar tabs are concerned as well, point by point answer
~- [fr] les formats brevetés ne protègent pas des brevets, autant prendre des formats libres comme Ogg/Vorbis ou Ogg/Theora, cela aurait évité à Microsoft de payer 1,52 milliard de dollars à Alcatel-Lucent après plus d'un an de procédure
~- [fr] l'Europe rend illégaux les brevets logiciels
~- [en] software patents illegal in Asia
~- [en] Donald Knuth: Mathematical Ideas, or Algorithms, Should Not Be Patented
~- [en] An Explosion of Mobile Patent Lawsuits
~~- seen on [[]]
~- [en] submarine patents and MPEG-LA potential patents are an artificial threat
~- [fr] les brevets freinent l'innovation, supprimons-les - Entretrien avec Hervé Lebret
~- [en] moins de brevets dans les startups qui innovent
~- 15 min pour démonter l'innovation d'un brevet logiciel illégal
~- eh eh c'est Garmin ou Tomtom qui vont être contents
~- DMCA cease & desist to github...

==Get the facts and real costs for TCO==
~- Microsoft starts a "Get the Facts" campaign...[[,136865-c,vistalonghorn/article.html against itself]] : " total cost of ownership for Windows XP is $4,407 annually, while Vista's cost is $3,802. The $4,407 figure was derived from costs of hardware, software, IT labor, and user costs...."
~- [fr] TCO Total Cost of Ownership is less for Linux than Windows (even using """")
~-[[]] [fr] how to accelerate windows vista
~~- [[]] [fr] MS buys innovative technology to integrate it
~- [en] calculating how much it would cost to upgrade each of the 19.4 million PCs with 1 GB of memory and graphics cards or onboard chipsets able to run Aero, according to Keizer. Leffler put the maximum cost of upgrading the desktops at $155, while positing that the notebooks' integrated graphics would be more tricky to replace and would cost between $245 and $590 per unit. The total price tag for Microsoft would thus range from $3.92 billion to $8.52 billion and in some cases would include complete replacements of notebooks that could not be feasibly upgraded
~- interesting : Linux 13.4% , Windows 36.5%, only paid-licenses are taken into account (which shows that Microsoft is more expensive than free software installations), why pay more for less ?
~- GNU/Linux chosen for top stock exchange places:
~~- Chicago: [fr]
~~- Tokyo:
~~- London (to replace defective windows)
~- [fr]

==open formats and interoperability vs compatibility==
~- [[]] [fr] closed ooxml vs open ODF
~~-[[]] [fr] incompatibilities and bad conception on MS-OXML compared to OpenDocument coherency
~- [fr] interoperability "à la" Microsoft, not interoperable nor libre software compatible :/
~~-[[]] [fr]
~~- "It seems unfortunate if we do this work and get our partners to do the work and the result is that Linux works great without having to do the work", Bill Gates

==closed plateforms, DRM==
~- [en] day anti-drm
~- [en] iPhone, DRM by Apple are still there, restricted installation of software...
~- [en] good illustration of why DRM are useless
~- ""<a href=""><img class="left" style="width:80px;height:82px" alt="why DRM are useless" title="why DRM are useless" src="" /></a>"" [en] very good illustration of what a legitimate buyer gets with a DVD (no consideration...)
~~- [fr] la même en français
~~- legal offer for VoD
~~- legal offer for VoD in other countries like new-zealand
~- [en] Doom9 Researchers Break BD+
~~- [en] BD+, the Blu-ray copy protection system that was [[ supposed to last 10 years]] (really !?)
~- [en] Industry Rethinks Moneymaking Software Practice, Best Buy $30 to remove bloatware
~- [en] class-action against EA ans ubsollicited DRM
~- [en] DRM in Flash, using encryption, makes DMCA action possible against users
~- [en] Why proprietary software is dangerous for business-critical applications
~- [en] analysis of MS OSS strategy "they prefer to put their Business Partners software license business at the fire line before losing their license money"
~- :)

===Missing some counter-arguments===

~- [en] the article is too long and rather lets the reader makes his/her mind, though the subject is important as software patents are illegal in Europe (shouldn't those who try to patent software be prosecuted BTW ?)
~- [[]] [fr] 235 software patents
~~- [fr] allegations without proof by MS
~- [[]] [fr] Silverlight with parts of could-have-been free software included and some document (as made compulsory by european commission)


~- a reference against software patents
~~- [en] example of impacts of software patents
~- ever thought that the GPL was not well defended ? you should trust more free software to be legal than those that try to hide.
~- [fr] florilège DRM, vente liée, formats ouverts des suites bureautiques et de l'interopérabilité, téléchargements de musique, l'informatique dite de confiance (trusted computing), projet de contrôle de l'information sur Internet
~- [en] some matter of facts numbers about FLOSS
~- [en] article about protections of FLOSS against patents (oin, patentscommon...)
~- [en] the Bill *stimulates* competition, since it tends to generate a supply of software with better conditions of usability, and to better existing work, in a model of continuous improvement
~- [fr] priority to Libre Software

===List of subjects===
~- software patents :
~~- they are illegal in Europe, people applying for them should be prosecuted and go to jail, don't you think ? What would you think if mathematical formulas were patented ? What do you think an algorithm is ? What do you think a program is made of ?
~~- proprietary software is at the same risk than open-source and libre software to make use of a patent without even knowing it, don't you think ? The danger being higher for proprietary software for being guilty of trying to hide it (when even the source code is available with libre software)
~~- [[]] [fr] MS vs ""TomTom"" with trivial software patents
~~~- [en] analysis by ESR, impacts on Linux/Libre Community or car navigation
~~~- [en] some more links about FAT
~~- [fr] Broadvoice, a libre codec audio to replace non-free ones and enhance speex
~~~- [en] how software patents complicate licensing
~- [en] yet another defective by design patent "Crippling Operating Systems"
~- [en] FUD orchestrated through Novell by MS ? some interesting links
~- [en] Andrew Tridgell rejected the common fears about triple damages: 'If you've got one lot of damages for patent infringement, what would happen to the project? It's dead. If it gets three lots of damages for patent infringement, what happens to the project? It's still dead
~- intellectual property : gni ? maybe you mean copyright, trademark or illegal software patents in Europe ?
~- security through obscurity : flawed by design ?
~- copyright : see for a great tool / organization to defend free software
1) [] - Volunteers, knowledgeable folks who will answer your questions pretty quickly
2) The SFLC [] (Software Freedom Law Center) - Volunteer lawyers (much slower to respond due to demand, but they know their stuff)
3) The Software Freedom Conservancy [] (if you want to align your FOSS project with a "non-profit home and infrastructure for FLOSS projects.")
4) The Free Software Foundation [], if you have a specific question about some of their GPLed software
5) Bradley Kuhn, Harald Welte, etc..

===Libre software in the news===
~- [en] if business week publishes it, it's true ? isn't it ? (I would have chosen some other alternatives, like ""PostgreSQL"" for RDBMS or ""VirtualBox"" for virtualization, but that's ok
~- [en] GNU/Linux at 20% for netbook !

~- [en] why Kyocera needs a patent license from Microsoft to develop its embedded Linux products ?
~- [fr] software patents : l'arroseur arrosé
~- [fr] less job when proprietary goes open source ? nope, see the comments : other interesting jobs
~- [fr] FUD by magazines bought by ads or not competent enough ?
~- [fr] 59ème sur 100 en 2008 (11ème en 2004)
~- [[]] [fr] Réunion à la DGCCRF sur la vente liée: vers un chantage sur le prix de vente ? décoller des autocollants double le prix ?
~- [en] 4% de GNU/Linux (et non les 1% souvent avencés), par le Gartner
~- [en] l'arroseur arrosé (trouvé au détour de
~- [fr] le permis de conduire pour l'informatique, rien de tel que l'éducation telle la lecture et le calcul ;-)
~- [fr] un seul choix pour tous les dominer o_O ?
~- [en] 2009 still not the year of GNU/Linux ? see [[ the comments]] though ;-) (they explain why the author is plainly just __wrong__ in some of his assertions
~~- [en] retrospective
~- je ne sais plus quel magazine "respectable" qui avait fait le test et avait trouvé le moins d'erreurs dans Wikipedia => Il s'agit de la revue scientifique (en anglais) "Nature" :
~- [en] opensource en Afrique et le fameux TCO
~- [fr] réflexion sur les atouts du libre sans se décrédibiliser

===data loss===
~- [en] how to lose your /home what did you need in this upgrade BTW ?
~~- [[]] [fr] Qui à dit que les léopards des neiges ne mangeaient pas d'/home ?
~- [fr] would you be happy to lose your contacts in your smartphone ? (Minitel 2.0 syndrome inside)
~- [fr] SMB2 : just close the service to avoid a BSOD (really useful for a file server whose admin is surfing the web...). I think standards users are happy to lose their current work thanks to a BSOD :/

===Android and fanboyz=== hmmm apple fanboys :)

""<a name="pBpGassumptions">""===pBpG assumptions===""</a>""
Voir les commentaires (même ceux "cachés"), la technique habituelle de pBpG étant de ne pas répondre quand il est pris en flagrant délit de ne pas avoir raison. Un objectif est d'être objectif (éviter notamment les insultes) et d'être en mesure de montrer le flagrant délit factuel ou la volonté délibérée d'omettre des points structurants et concrets.
~- [[]] MS maintiendra le pilote de virtualisation (ou pas, url à retrouver)
~- [[]] flag de imr [[]] rappelant une incohérence de pBpG
à compléter (affirmation / flagrant délit), retrouver ME, vista n'était pas abouti, windows mobile, la tarte à la crème d'OpenDocument sans parler de la merde d'OfficeXML sans binaires ou specs complètes mais finalement pas avec une raison bidon... ou mono ne se fera jamais attaquer pour brevets (ni moonlight), 'fin pas mal de sujets apparaissant déjà ci-dessus...
Microsoft se met en conformité : avec le libre pour hyper-V

[[]] Linux server demand also improved in 4Q10 with revenue growing 29.3% to $2.5 billion when compared with the fourth quarter of 2009. Linux servers now represent 17.0% of all server revenue, up 1.8 points over 4Q09. Shipments of servers running Linux increased 9.8% year over year, totaling more than 450,000 units. Microsoft Windows server demand was positively impacted by the x86 server market refresh as hardware revenue increased 16.8% year over year. Quarterly revenue of $6.3 billion for Windows servers represented 42.1% of overall quarterly factory revenue. The 1.5 million server shipments are the highest quarterly total ever reported for Windows servers.
Sachant qu'il est possible sans aucun probleme de commander des serveurs sans Windows, je doutes que bcp de ces 1.5 millions soient passes a Linux...
Ça compte les serveurs vendus avec une distribution Linux, donc probablement les seules que tu peux acheter comme Suse ou Red Hat. Un serveur Dell par exemple, c'est vendu par défaut sans OS.
C'est surtout que ça compare des choux et des carottes... L'analyse que je peux ressortir de ce papier c'est que c'est extrêmement **coûteux** pour les entreprises de déployer des serveurs windows : il en faut beaucoup, là où pour un serveur AIX (ou Solaris, 'fin moins maintenant) ou un Linux qui permet de mieux mutualiser (même VMware a une souche de Linux pour accueillir plein de VM...), j'ai de la puissance pour mon argent et accueillir les applications de mon système d'information (SI). À ce compte là, je rajouterais toutes les box des opérateurs telco ^W ^W FAI dans le lot et ça fait passer la stats à 98% pour Linux, 1% de windows et 1% du reste (sans tenir compte de la puissance quoi).

stats about web servers [[]]
29.4% de part de marché de serveurs web pour Debian, 29.2% pour CentOS, 17.8% pour Ubuntu et 12.6% pour la RHEL

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