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Open Source ERP with Compiere on Mandriva

The goal of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications is to
provide a unified interface for business aspects such as accounting,
inventory management, point-of-sale, inventory, logistics, and customer
relationship management. A traditional growing pain of small and medium
business is lack of integration of applications. You have a great
application for accounting, an online store and a CRM, but each is a
stand-alone application requiring duplicate entries, redundant data
entry and limitations on your ability to determine cost, manage
inventory, and deliver sales quotations.

Open source ERP, such as Compiere, extends the value and protects your
investment by giving you control over the destiny of your software and
and preventing planned vendor obsolescence. Compiere, an open source
ERP, provides enterprise quality and stability at an affordable price.
Mandriva and its ERP partners, Audaxis and Possibility Forge, are
offering open source ERP solutions in partnership with Compiere. Audaxis
and Possibility Forge are both Certified Compiere Partners with the
knowledge to deliver an open source ERP system themselves, or to support
value added resellers seeking to deliver an open source ERP solution to
their clients.

You can see a demonstration of Compiere at the Mandriva website. To
register for participation in the web demonstration or to request more
information, please complete the form at

Audaxis (in French) - April 13
Possibility Forge (in English) - April 20

For more information on Mandriva's ERP offering, please visit:
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