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CookerWeeklyNews - March 2007 [ [[CwN20070326 in English]] ] - [ [[CwN20070326Fr en fran├žais]] ] - [ [[CwN20070326Es en espanol]] ] - [ [[CwN20070326De Deutsch]] ] -

===General Information===
- [[ Cooker is now in FREEZE mode]] to prepare 2007.1 release candidate according to [[ this schedule]].
- see [[ the inside man VI]] by Fabrice Facorat (damn he made it too fast !)

===enhancing hardware support===
- it all began with Adam Williamson [[ hacking video cards detection]] and [[ rationalizing ldetect-lst for nVidia and ATI]]. ldetect-lst is the Big List Of Recognised Hardware.
- then a discussion about [[ Dell including Linux in their installation]] led to discussion about a [[ hardware team]] to enhance pci.ids management in management, relying on upstream work which can benefit all distrbutions.
- this is no easy task as some (hum, well, proprietary) drivers [[ drop "old" hardware support as shown with latest nvidia-97xx]] (Geforce 3 & 4 are only supported with nvidia-96xx).
- kernel already includes [[ many backports that were suggested]], I'm most happy with uvcvideo being included for my webcam on my HP 9000dv laptop.

===addition of packages===
- [[ Lenny asked for packages in contrib]] that could be included in PWP+
- Pierre Jarillon suggested [[ to add many graphics programs]] listed by Andre Pascual (from linuxgraphics) among which [[ Xara LX]], [[ Ayam 3D]], [[ Wings 3D]], [[ Graphite One]] (in plf ? missing source code :/), [[ GCad3D]] (hum, freeware, no source code found :/): CAD packages would be a plus in the distribution

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