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CookerWeeklyNews March 2006 [ [[CwN20060314 in English]] ] - [ [[CwN20060314Fr en fran├žais]] ] - [ [[CwN20060314Es en espanol]] ] - [ [[CwN20060314De Deutsch]] ] -
====Cooker ML Digest for March 2006====

=== ""IdeasForMandrivaLinux2007""===

===""Net Applet 2007""===

===Is there a problem with the x86_64 build machine ?===
short answer : yes, being solved

===RFC for mirrors use===
The idea is to use the same technology that clamav uses to determine the closest mirror. They use geoip and some ISC BIND hacks, Oden Eriksson thinks.
It could provide a simpler way for the newbie and some more functionalities, to avoid to hardcode the mirror for urpmi or switch to another one. Olivier Thauvin reminds that the mirror-list should be properly managed by Mandriva like is done for easyurpmi.

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===blogger and spam===
Message for the email user leads to a discussion about spammers : just run this query in Google and see for yourself : "cooker mandriva"
That causes a problem as well, because people contributing to the mailing-list are not that happy that e-mail addresses a published on the web to be harvested by spam-bots.

* [1]

===some explanations about %mkrel===
There's a package named mdk-rpm-howto providing documentation in /usr/share/doc/ and the answers on the ML provides some more : ##rpm --showrc## will show you the exact definition of %mkrel, then Buchan explains that this is done because cooker doesn't use distribution-specific release tags. Once cooker does (hopefully in a few months), this will be unnecessary, and release tags on stable using %mkrel will not be as ugly, but instead something like 1mdv2008 in cooker, 1mdv2007 rebuilt on 2007, 1mdv2007.1 next package for 2007 based on 1mdv2007 (or similar).

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===mkcd documentation !===

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Pierre Jarillon suggests to move Skencil from main to contrib and inkscape from
contrib to main.
As inkscape is a successful fork of sodipodi, sodipodi has no room in main

* [1]
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