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Cooker ML Digest for March 2006


Net Applet 2007

Is there a problem with the x86_64 build machine ?

short answer : yes, being solved

RFC for mirrors use

The idea is to use the same technology that clamav uses to determine the closest mirror. They use geoip and some ISC BIND hacks, Oden Eriksson thinks.
It could provide a simpler way for the newbie and some more functionalities, to avoid to hardcode the mirror for urpmi or switch to another one. Olivier Thauvin reminds that the mirror-list should be properly managed by Mandriva like is done for easyurpmi.

blogger and spam

Message for the email user leads to a discussion about spammers : just run this query in Google and see for yourself : "cooker mandriva"
That causes a problem as well, because people contributing to the mailing-list are not that happy that e-mail addresses a published on the web to be harvested by spam-bots.

some explanations about %mkrel

There's a package named mdk-rpm-howto providing documentation in /usr/share/doc/ and the answers on the ML provides some more : rpm --showrc will show you the exact definition of %mkrel, then Buchan explains that this is done because cooker doesn't use distribution-specific release tags. Once cooker does (hopefully in a few months), this will be unnecessary, and release tags on stable using %mkrel will not be as ugly, but instead something like 1mdv2008 in cooker, 1mdv2007 rebuilt on 2007, 1mdv2007.1 next package for 2007 based on 1mdv2007 (or similar).

mkcd documentation !


Pierre Jarillon suggests to move Skencil from main to contrib and inkscape from
contrib to main.
As inkscape is a successful fork of sodipodi, sodipodi has no room in main
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