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===Contributing to a GNU/Linux distribution like Mandriva Linux===

> I just joined the cooker list and was just looking at ways I could
> assist the community, mayb via packaging?

There is lots of thing to do, besides packaging.

First, there is simple tests, filling bug reports, and helping the triage team. This requires time and is quite important for the distribution, and I think it can be done without being coder or anything. I redirect you to their page : . I think that's a good way to get familiar with the process of correcting the distribution and the lifecycle of packages. It is also a good way to know the community, as a start. And you will also see what others people do to fix bugs, and that can be important if you plan to produces packages.

Second, there is also translation, which is (imho) underground work that help lots of people, but that is often forgotten. Of course, this requires to speak a foreign language besides english. I do not know much about i18n, so I suggest to contact people on cooker-i18n list if interested.

Then, you can also help with code and packages. This is quite easy to find work as bugzilla is full of bugs that wait to be solved. You should take a package that you use, and know quite well, and see if there is opened bug report, and check if some of then need a patch. Then you can just send it, adding this as a attachement to the bug tracker.
Alternatively, you can check if there is a package that you would like to take and send patch to the maintainer.

You can also help on support (irc, ml, forum ), or improves existing documentation and website ( wiki mostly ), but that's a little bit outside of cooker ( which is mostly focused on developping the distribution ).

> I think I will try the Triage team. I know a little programming, but I am more familiar with windows than Linux, and This might be a great way to get more familiar.
> Thanks, you guys are doing a great job.

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