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Looking for a mind-mapping free-software, I tried Freemind and semantik (replacement for kdissert). I did not try Freeplane a fork of Freemind.

XMind described at XMind wikipedia page has a libre software license - dual Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL) + GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL)- and another one for commercial purpose (and perhaps functionalities, did not even look), well to be fair it's quite annoying: sign-in option, missing menus with (pro) options (maybe I should recompile it to take advantage of it?, LGPL being a guarantee to access source code and distribute it).

Install XMind from binary

As it is a Java program, there's a portable version available for download.
See and to download the portable version or see a direct mirror for as mirrors do not seem reliable (403 errors)

unzip the dowloaded file in a dedicated directory, go into it, then:
cd XMind_Linux_64bit/ # as I'm using x86_64
./xmind # the sign-in is not compulsory just skip it

Compile from source

any experimented contributor in Java/Eclipse is welcomed to package this software

Use XMind

save .xmind file, use Menu / File / export / image PNG to provide nice graphics :)


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