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===Compiling Crrcsim===
Crrcsim is a GPL model-airplane flight simulation program.

make -f Makefile.linux64
/usr/include/plib/ssgaSky.h:107: error: extra qualification ‘ssgaCelestialBodyList::’ on member ‘ssgaCelestialBodyList’
/usr/include/plib/ssgaSky.h:195: error: extra qualification ‘ssgaCloudLayerList::’ on member ‘ssgaCloudLayerList’
~- I commented out those lines, to be analyzed later on... strange it does not compile with ""g++"" :/
%% //ssgaCelestialBodyList::~ssgaCelestialBodyList () { removeAll(); }
//ssgaCloudLayerList::~ssgaCloudLayerList () { removeAll(); }
~- the proper way to do it is like the correction in their svn : i.e. fix gcc 4.1 build: no namespace spec in member func def
%% ~ssgaCelestialBodyList () { removeAll(); }
~ssgaCloudLayerList () { removeAll(); }
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible ./glut-3.7/gle/libgle.a when searching for -lgle
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgle
~- I installed urpmi lib64gle3-devel

ok, it compiled...

===First test===
~-launch ./crrcsim
~-use key ESC to obtain the menu File / View / Simulation / Options / Game / Help
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