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Infos about OpenCascade - [ screenshots ] (LGPL-like) Open CASCADE is a powerful CAD/CAM/CAE kernel and development platform for 3D modeling applications

pre-requisites :

Some problems with licensing on FreeCad for example: and

status of OpenCascade packaging : not yet begun

Compilation steps (registration required :/ )
get the tar.gz, uncompress, have a look at doc/install.htm
launch install.csh : it launches a java applet that uncompresses everything (~600 MB) in the directory you choose

cd ros
make # will take 2h49 (for me on Athlon XP 2800+) and about 2,5 GB /o\
make install # will install in /usr/local/ and take 10 minutes for about (3702344 - 2095444) ~ 1,7 GB /o\ /o\

cd OpenCascade/samples/tutorial/

errors found

checking for msg2qm... not found
configure: warning: No msg2qm utility found!
Please check whether you installed Qt correctly.
You need to have a running msg2qm binary.
If configure shouldn't have tried this one, set
the environment variable MSG2QM to the right one
before running configure.
checking for CasCade... configure: error: CasCade (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
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