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Well, Community is short for Community edition : one of the release of Mandriva Linux distribution. Another of the (now) 1 year release is Official edition

users questions :
~- will community be more up-to-date ?
~- does it include security updates ?
~- so, do I have to download all the hdlists to update the community ?
~- is Firefox 1.5 included ? is KDE 3.5.1 available ? :-)
~- is community better than official, even when stability is needed ? How do I choose between the two ? Is there a list of differences available ?

Here is some explanation coming from the irc channel #mandriva at :-)
blacksheep hey guys, is there any date yet defined for the next mandriva version?
brainlessone They are a year apart, figure it out. heh
takeaction blacksheep, I think someone said october... I could be wrong
blacksheep ok, i thought there would be one in march/may as usual. i thought there were two editions: community / official
takeaction blacksheep, there will probably be a club only release sometime before then
blacksheep ok, we have a mandriva club account (college)
brainlessone community is what becomes official
blacksheep brainlessone: i meant Limited Edition. i thought there would be two: LE, and Official
Redgore 2005LE was a one of
brainlessone LE was a 1 time thing to fill the gap during the company change
Redgore community contains more upto date packages than official, but isnt what becomes official. Cooker is the development version which eventually turns into Official
ozzzy maybe
brainlessone depends
brainlessone on who you talk to, there is still confusion on versions and always will be with official/community/cooker....
Redgore brainlessone: this comes from AdamW a employee of mandriva
brainlessone uh huh, one of the ones that is continually trying to explain it to people
* ozzzy shuns cooker like the plague
brainlessone and even he gets confused at times
AdamW nope, I don't.
AdamW redgore is correct.
AdamW we used to have a Community ISO release and then an Official ISO release; in that context, yes, community became official.
AdamW but we don't do that any more.
brainlessone ok, not confused then, but needs to get info from others in mandriva at times when it comes u8p
blacksheep i really liked the two versions per year. anyway, i guess it is for the best, since ,madriva team can focus in making something awesome
AdamW now, community is the name for the /devel/2006.0 tree on mirrors, which contains updated packages compared to /official/2006.0 , the tree called 'official'.
AdamW it should probably have been called something else so people didn't get it confused with the old community / official ISOs, but we're stuck with it now.
AdamW personally I'd recommend almost everyone using 2006.0 to use community for their urpmi media, not official.
brainlessone only because they do not want to fix it for clarification
Redgore brainlessone: we have been through this many a time
brainlessone they have messed with the trees so much in the past that one more time wouldn't be a big deal. :)
brainlessone everyone got used to it. heh
_Qwerty_ urpmi media, doesent that exist for offical too, whats the diffrence?
AdamW why would anyone need to change the trees?
AdamW it's not in a directory called 'community'
AdamW the problem is that the name is already in use
AdamW can you imagine the conversations if we changed it?
ozzzy Well.... I like stability so unless there is a specific issue I run only official and use only official rpms
ozzzy specific issue like mjpegtools <sigh>
AdamW AdamW: You should use FooBar for your urpmi media.
AdamW ConfusedMandrivaUser: is that what used to be called community?
AdamW AdamW: Yes.
AdamW ConfusedOldMandrivaUser: but it's not the same as the OTHER thing which used to be called community, right?
AdamW AdamW: No.
AdamW ConfusedPotentialMandrivaUser: *head explodey*
AdamW I really don't see a name change improving the situation. :)
ozzzy it's not rocket science
AdamW no
AdamW but people get confused already
AdamW so they'd surely still get confused if we did change it
ozzzy well.... all the trees mean little to me.... other than 'official'
brainlessone wouldn't be that bad if they'd move it out of the devel tree. to everyone devel means not stable.
Redgore as stated before we have been through this many a time, everyone knows the confusions things cause and have their own opinions on how the confusion could be removed. In the end its a mute point
brainlessone I still wonder why they never put up a page to explain it simply to people.

I'd recommend not using that website, rather because it's more updated and finds the best website to get updates.
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