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Those are suggestions from and here is a fast analysis of packages currently already available in cooker (20060401) which is the development distribution for Mandriva Linux (the url was forum of CAELinux).

The best practice / process is to package the interesting programs whose license is OK (GPL, BSD, ...) for cooker, then - eventually - backport them to pclinuxos. It will improve the packaging of those programs and enable their automatic availability for Mandriva Linux 2007 (hence pclinuxos) included with salome in the live-CD

some documentations about CAE exercises using salome and CAElinux (english & french)

packages available

To be tested, with screenshots, see CompilePrograms
packages are available in current cooker (20060405)

9. ODE (3D multibody dynamics Engine)
very powerful, no integrated GUI but Opensim is a GUI for it, Python binding PyODE available.
packages already available : libode0-0.5-7mdk.i586 ode-0.5-7mdk latest version

13. FreeCAD (3D-multibody dynamics)
similar to VisualNastranDesktop. Good GUI but somewhat less userfriendly than the commercial original. main web site (LGPL) stcad : 3D CAD Framework for Smalltalk examples (ask for a license... or public domain ?)
packages already available : qcad ( progessional CAD system kicad (20050906-1mdk) electronic schematics diagrams - latest version

14. Octave / SciLab (numerical computing)
Octave is similar to Matlab and SciLab is similar to Simulink.
packages already available : octave (2.1.72-1mdk latest version ) scilab (4.0-1plf)
see TestScilab

15. Maxima (comuter algebra system)
equivalent to Maple, partly compatible syntax, excellent Frontends are: texmacs or wxMaxima
packages already available : maxima (5.9.2-1mdk)

16. R and RKward (statistics)
R is the core and RKward is the frontend. Similar to Statistica or SPSS.
packages already available : R-base (2.2.1-1mdk)
to be packaged : RKward url

17. GSL (GNU Scientific Library)
lots of sophisticated, numerical, standard algorithms in C that could be called by Python scripts.
packages already available : gsl-progs gsl-doc (1.7-1mdk)

18. gEDA (CAE-suite for electronics development)
Scheme Editor, circuit simulator,wave form viewers, PCB layout, Gerber files
packages already available : geda geda-gnetlist geda-gschem geda-gsymcheck geda-symbols geda-utils (20050820-1mdk in current cooker)

to be packaged

3D-solid-model-CAD with ray-tracing, very powerful, check out screenshots and Intro to MGED. UI is a bit outdated, though.
to be packaged url ?

2. gCAD3D (simple CAM)
3D CAD with some interesting conversion capabilities; some NC-code generation.
to be packaged url ?

4. Netgen / NGSolve (FE suite for mech. structures)
3D-FE-Solver with neat Pre- and Postprocessor, for elasticity, heat conductance, magnetism featuring adaptive meshing.
to be packaged url ?

5. Tochnog (mech. FE- and CFD-solver)
nonlinearity, plasticity, large deformation, mesh adaptation, thermal conductivity, can use GID as pre- postproc.
to be packaged url ?

6. DUNS (CFD-solver)
turbulent, compressible, unsteady flow sub- and supersonic for structured meshes only.
to be packaged url ?

8. Gmsh (3D-solid-modeling, meshing, postproc.)
excellent multiplatform GUI FLTK. Does not yet support NURBS.
to be packaged

10. Opensim (3D robot simulator)
based on ODE-multibody-engine.
to be packaged url ?

12. Dynamechs (3D-multibody dynamics)
bodies in star-topology: one central body and n chains of linked elements attached to it. Good for walking or humanoid robots, mars lander etc.

19. Impact (FE solver for large deformations)
Useful for crash analysis or metal forming. It can be used with GiD or gmsh as pre-/postproc.
to be packaged

will not be packaged

3. EMC (CNC)
powerful Machine-Tool controller: converts NC-code into machine-axes control signals up to 6-axes (even for hexapods as in hydraulic flight simulators), requires RT-Linux. I don't know whether that fits into CAELinux well.
# will not be included: GiD (commercial), EMC (needs RealTime Linux) & Simbob (windows-based & don't want to mess with Wine).

7. GID (3D-solid-modeling, meshing postproc.)
integrated GUI für solid modeling, meshing, external solvers, postprocessing. Not opensource! Only free as limited demo version.
# will not be included: GiD (commercial), EMC (needs RealTime Linux) & Simbob (windows-based & don't want to mess with Wine).

11. Simbob (multibody dynamics with nice GUI)
based on ODE-multibody-engine, runs on Windows
Made with MSVisual C++ V7.0 and MFC-Library. (don't know whether it runs under wine, maybe under the Mono environment) Simbob link
# will not be included: GiD (commercial), EMC (needs RealTime Linux) & Simbob (windows-based & don't want to mess with Wine).
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