Among Mageia there's an history of people I know to contribute upstream, build something in common, and answering at best what I need :)

Mageia won't make it all on its own, needs participation and common involvement

There has been common initiative like LSB or freedesktop that work more or less (sometimes less than more or perhaps just make it work, in the long term for some of them).

I've seen in FOSDEM that there are common workgroups between distributions, permitting to adhere to common goals and making known each roadmaps imho, google soc is only a workaround, each distribution could have one objective each year that could benefit the whole community (empowered henceby) that drives enhancements :)
since enhancements benefit us all

Community driven models and upstream contribution

The proposition is quite simple, adhere to each group you want to follow:
This requires:

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