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There are several scenarios possible for users to migrate to Mageia, depending on choices of version & structure of installation

===Scenarios for a migration path to Mageia for users===

~- users may be using an updated mdv 2010.1, 2010.0 would require more work and longer upgrade anyway (too many packages changed)
~- identifiy an easy method for several cases (to be identified)
~- virtual box install (at first, from boot.iso is the easier imho, it requires mirrors though for rpm tree, afterwards: liveCD iso or other?)
~- available ?

~- urpmi is used
~- boot.iso is working
~- draklive is working to make LiveCD
~- mirrors are available with rpm trees
~- short name is mga instead of mdv
~- user can use the network (perhaps add a disconnected update scenario?)

~- reduce number of packages to update
~~- in rpm database, rename mdv2010.1 (as in evolution-2.30.3-1.1mdv2010.1) to mga, I do not know if it's possible?
~~- then launch ##""urpmi --auto-update""## # to take only into account updated packages
~~- hypothesis: version numbers are the same as with 2010.1 (not sure imho)
~~- maybe reinstalling is just more simple
~- structure of installation
~~- well, rather than /home on a dedicated partition, I prefer to have /data and make symbolic links for Documents / Videos & other directories
~- provide an updated 2010.1 ISO with appropriate trees
~~- costly in time, may require suficient testing as it's not only a "change artwork & take into account latest rpm in updates"
~~- may not include all rpm? (selection?) on mirrors
~~- ensure that a version can be installed
~- list of packages to update (to provide a list of downloads for example), if user does not have Internet access
~~- could be useful if many computers to update: make a subset of the mirror
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