Mageia can use good roots from where it comes

This may find its way to the faq or team-specific brainstormings :-)

A selection of existing works for Mageia

some organizational rules
netiquette rules for mailing-lists

packaging & build system
list of packages with nomaintainer :
Total SRPMS: 13633 Main SRPMS: 2747 Contrib SRPMS: 10802 Non-Free SRPMS: 84
Maintainers: 124 Unmaintained SRPMS: 4358 evoked at
When building x-distro on OBS you don't build one package for all distros. The OBS builds one package per distro and you may have to use if-clauses in the spec, when macros, package names and things like that differ between the distros.
And you can't rebuild the srpms on other distros without editing the specs because there are obs specific macros.
Each distro has different tweaks for building packages, different rpm macros... etc. For example due to the, rather awesome, rpm filetriggers in Mandriva/will-be-in-Mageia, we don't need to add anything in the spec files to update menu files, icon theme caches, compress manpages, install info files... etc.
Also note that dependencies across distros aren't named the same. IINM the closest distro to Mandriva/Mageia is Fedora, in the way packages/deps are named, but even in this case they name python packages differently for example.

existing tools following advancement of translations (for Mandriva Linux) to motivate teams identify which rpm to download from a rpm -qa

some good documentation

How other distributions began

Fact-based choice for infrastructure

Thanks Filipe Saraiva à Mageia, My suggestion is made that a technical study of tools and a decision consensus among those who will be responsible for installation and service maintenance. For example, the technical report of infrastructure for KDE using git is a very good job done by the team of sysadmins. It's technical and exposes why that decision was made.
It's a ODT archive:

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