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Time to upgrade my Eee PC from 2009.1 to Cooker for 2010.0 ;-)

Procédure de mise à jour

The procedure is - as usual - see Blog20090307UpgradeCooker20091

début 22h03

Sys. de fich. Tail. Occ. Disp. %Occ. Monté sur
/dev/sda5 3,7G 973M 2,6G 28% /
/dev/sda3 7,9M 2,0K 7,9M 1% /media/hd
/dev/sdb1 15G 13G 1,3G 92% /usr

urpmi --auto-select
Pour satisfaire les dépendances, les paquetages suivants vont être installés
   Paquetage                      Version      Révision      Arch   
(média « cooker_main »)
  aria2                          1.5.2        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  drakx-finish-install           12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  drakxtools                     12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  drakxtools-backend             12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  drakxtools-curses              12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  glibc                          2.10.1       5mnb2         i586    
  harddrake                      12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  harddrake-ui                   12.51        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  libmysql16                     5.1.38       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  libparted1.9_0                 1.9.0        2mdv2010.0    i586    
  librpm4.6                      4.6.0        5mnb2         i586    
  libstdc++6                     4.4.1        1mnb2         i586    
  locales                        2.10.1       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  locales-fr                     2.10.1       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  meta-task                      2010.0       3mdv2010.0    noarch  
  monitor-edid                   2.3          1mdv2010.0    i586    
  mysql-client                   5.1.38       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  mysql-common                   5.1.38       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  net-snmp-utils             6mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl                           5.10.1       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-Archive-Tar               1.540.0      1mdv2010.0    noarch  
  perl-DBI                       1.609.0      2mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-Glib                      1.222        1mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-HTML-Parser               3.620.0      3mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-HTML-Tagset               3.200.0      1mdv2010.0    noarch  
  perl-Inline                    0.450.0      1mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-Libconf                   0.42.10      2mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-MDV-Distribconf           4.00         4mdv2010.0    noarch  
  perl-Mail-SpamAssassin         3.2.5        11mdv2010.0   i586    
  perl-Net-DNS                   0.650.0      1mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-URPM                      3.32         1mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-XML-LibXML                1.690.0      1mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-base                      5.10.1       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  perl-suid                      5.10.1       2mdv2010.0    i586    
  rpm                            4.6.0        5mnb2         i586    
  urpmi                          6.28.2       1mdv2010.0    noarch  
un espace additionnel de 3.7Mo sera utilisé.
25Mo de paquets seront récupérés.

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