Goal :

Playing with bootchart to enhance / visualize boot time

Check http://wiki.eagle-usb.org/wakka.php?wiki=ImproveBootTime Adaptation for GNOME : Booting in 5 seconds :

The results

bootchart on nc6400 Mandriva Cooker 2009.0 See other images at http://download.tuxfamily.org/cooker/images/bootchart/ (both SVG and PNG)
On my HP/Compaq nc6400 laptop with cooker 2009.0 i586

How to

As told in /usr/share/doc/bootchart/INSTALL and /usr/share/doc/bootchart/README here the few steps to achieve title Bootchart logging
kernel (hd0,4)/boot/vmlinuz BOOT_IMAGE=linux root=UUID=c3fd9f4d-55c6-4f2e-9fe7-e2dcb9814d9e resume=/dev/sda7 splash=silent vga=791 init=/sbin/bootchartd
initrd (hd0,4)/boot/initrd.img
information from the proc file system (/proc/[PID]/stat, /proc/stat and /proc/diskstats). The statistics are logged to a virtual memory file system
(tmpfs). Once the boot process completes (denoted by the existence of specific processes), the log files are packaged to /var/log/bootchart.tgz.

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