I think I will come back often to this one as I like benchmarking a lot (well, not as much as statistics but as benchmarks are often seen as statistics and share the hard fact of being false at 72,16% ;-) )

generic benchmarks

http://linuxfr.org/~jobpilot/24325.html [fr]
http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php CPU (and graphic cards, hard disk, system benchmark...)

results results results

system laptop

For BRL-CAD, benchmark see CompileBrlcad
glxgears results
For glxgears with dkms-nvidia97xx-1.0-9755.2plf2007.1 / Xorg -version 7.2.0
12302 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2460.396 FPS
xorg-x11-7.2.0-2mdv2008.0 x11-driver-video-nvidia-current-169.12-4mdv2008.1 x11-server-xorg- dkms-nvidia-current-169.12-4mdv2008.1
11904 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2380.715 FPS

http://qa-rockstar.livejournal.com/7869.html [en] Why glxgears is slower with Kernel Modesetting (and why it doesn't matter)
openarena based bench results
openarena +exec anholt 2>&1 | egrep -e '[0-9]+ frames'
840 frames, 5.6 seconds: 149.7 fps
openarena +exec anholt 2>&1 | egrep -e '[0-9]+ frames'
840 frames 5.4 seconds 154.6 fps 2.0/6.5/76.0/3.5 ms Linux laphpy.eagle-usb.org 3.12.0-desktop-0.rc6.1.mga4 #1 SMP Mon Oct 21 20:37:31 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

links to graphical benchmarks

blender, brl-cad, glxgears (!) ...
http://www.eofw.org/bench/ [en] benchmark using blender to generate a 3D-scene
http://www.free3d.org/ [en] benchmarks for free driver in xorg, using glxgears :/
http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/Benchmarking [en] using openarena for fps bench
http://crystalspace3d.org/docs/online/manual/Applications-Overview.html#IDX8 [en] crystal space benchmark, check csbench man page and give it a try
http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/ [en] many many many tests, from graphical to CPU-intensive to profiled benchmarks
http://linuxfr.org/users/zezinho/journaux/simple-test-de-performance-pour-open-gl-2 using mesa-demos fill function (blended, textured, shader)

benchmark web

benchmark web browser

http://linuxfr.org/~patrick_g/30163.html performances Javascript de Firefox et Chrome

benchmark database

benchmark CPU / GPU


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