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Interview and Libre Speech of the Mandriva french-forums' administrator, Rémi Mathieu (aka Imr), by Fredxx

Older members will remember that you already were a (very) active member of the club and forum. Then one day, your status changed when you became a Mandriva employee. Can you describe your arrival and give your feelings about it ?

At Mandriva, you are an entitled Administrator of the french website. It seems you have many other activities in the firm as well. First, which are your "official" functions and attributions, then which are the project you are more personnally involved with, at Mandriva of course ?

Great expectations by forum members about Mandriva and its projects can be felt clearly on the forum. Can you draw a global picture of projects and ideas currently developed at Mandriva ?

As you have a good knowledge of several GNU/Linux communities, Mandriva's more particularly, what do you think of the French GNU/Linux community and Mandriva French community more thoroughly?

Windows still sits on 90% computers of the world; this percentage is declining and GNU/Linux has been constantly rising recently, notably Mandriva, obtaining many markets (arrival in French ministries, etc.) and concretizing many partnerships with vendors (Dell, HP...). How sound is Mandriva an operating system compared to the hegemony of Microsoft Windows ?

Last question is not one : your libre speech. Would you have comments remarks or/and ideas you would like to share with our reader, or things you'd like to emphasize, in the domains of your choice, of course ?
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